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Newell W. Anderson, Jr.

NWA International, LLC is a boutique consulting firm located in Manhattan that works with select individuals and companies to assist them in being properly placed and prepared when private clients are looking for capital, strategic investors, strategic partners, mergers, acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, real estate and alternative investments.

* Business Succession Planning * Key Man * ESOP * Executive Benefits * Employee Benefits * Human Resources * Buy/Sells * Group Disabilities & Life Programs * Business continuation Planning * Exit Strategies * Wealth Creation * Wealth Conservation * Financial Strategies - Family Owned Businesses

We work with clients to find the best source to accomplish their goals and objectives,prepare and educate them in their pursuit.

Determining the best strategic direction is one of the most important aspects of accomplishing your objectives. We assist in preparing you to locate and present to organizations and individuals for your capital needs and that you are positioned correctly for potential investors. These directives are coordinated through comprehensive networks of potential investors and those looking for the right business opportunity and you must be properly prepared and positioned for such a strategy.


Preparation and due diligence are essential to a successful deal.

The Relationship

Its all about the Relationship.

Wealth Management Strategies

Alternative Investments allow you the opportunity to profit in both bull and bear markets

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