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NWA International, LLC works closely with privately-held aggregation investors dedicated to alternative investing with Institutional Fund Access. The Principals of the firm have capitalized in excess of

100 Regulation D private alternative investment funds for a total capitalization in excess of $5 billion dollars.

We act much like a Private Bank or Family Office, pooling individual accredited investors,

to achieve the minimum fund investment for the top quartile Institutional Alternative Investment Funds, Private Equity, Hedge, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Energy.

We work with IFA, which is a passive limited partner, seeking out “best in class” fund managers.

Typically investments are between $10,000,000 to a maximum of $25,000,000 per manager.

Funds are selected based on absolute returns and low volatility in non-correlative alternative investment asset classes.

Alternative Investments

“Alternative investments” are those outside of traditional stocks, bonds, and cash. Investments in such nontraditional assets may allow for attractive returns with low to moderate correlation to movements in stock and bond prices.

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