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Newell Anderson has over 25 years of business experience in domestic and international business. He has directed and assisted in mergers, acquisitions, raising capital, exit strategies as well as buys/sells. He develops strategic investors and strategic partners for clients on an international level. Newell has extensive corporate experience, as well as Wall Street experience, in developing comprehensive wealth strategies for families and companies. Previously, he was Senior Managing Director of Northeast / Mid-Atlantic operations for the private wealth management division at an international accounting advisory firm where he worked with clients as a wealth strategist and financial advisor. Newell also worked with some of the top names in the wealth management and financial services industry where he was Vice President for developing strategic wealth management solutions for clients. He has extensive wealth management, corporate and banking experience in developing solutions to problems. Prior to going to Wall Street, Newell was an automotive executive with Chrysler Corporation in both the domestic and international divisions. Newell's career includes extensive public relations, marketing campaigns, event planning, advertising and development strategies for branding of international and domestic organizations for the purpose of driving revenue to the client. He is a graduate of Rollins College, in Winter Park Florida, with a B.S in Business.

Newell W. Anderson Jr

Managing Partner

NWA International, LLC



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