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NWA International, LLC works with individuals and companies that are looking for strategic partners and investors in privately held companies. We assist in preparing you for your locating of capital needs and position you for potential investors. Those efforts are coordinated through a vast network of serious investors and potential strategic partners looking for the right opportunity.

We work with you in preparing and developing a strategy for capital funding, merger and acquisition advisory, cash flow problems, exit strategies, strategic planning, etc.

We identify the best and least expensive funding options or blend of funding options for raising capital including equity linked debt, venture capital, private equity, strategic partners, licensing, mezzanine debt, and convertible debentures.

In addition, we have access to numerous ASA certified valuation experts.

We capitalize on our extensive relationships to sell a company, find a strategic partner or investor.


First Phase:

Complete and Submit Financial Inquiry Sheet

Complete and Submit Company Qualifying Forms and Documents

Complete Engagement Agreement

Internal Due Diligence: Due diligence is performed as if we were the investor to determine the value and potential in the market place.

Marketing Strategy: Determine what marketing strategy, both strategic and tactical, should be implemented, completive landscape, strengths and weaknesses and various factors needed to make the most strategic effectiveness direction.

Documents: Determine what is the best strategy to accomplish the goal and objectives. Prepare the marketing documents and materials. Prepare a “One-Page Teaser” and “Blind Teaser” highlighting the key aspects.

Second Phase:

Buyer / Funding Identification: Your company is discussed confidentially with potential investors or strategic partners to determine the potential fit and interest.

Buyer/Funding Approach Interest Evaluation:

Confidentiality Agreement: Potentially interested or best fit will sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Upon client approval, will be allowed access to privileged information to begin their initial due diligence and in-depth opportunity analysis. Continuous contact with prospects will be as needed.

Connections: Calls & Meetings: Potential investors, strategic partners or buyers interested in making an offer, will participate in conference calls and site visits designed to help everyone assess the fit and chemistry and to answer any additional questions.

Third Phase:

Offers: Offers and Letters of Intent are solicited and client is assisted as needed to determine the offer is acceptable. Tax, valuations and legal advice are available from our network connections if needed.

NWA International does not offer tax, valuation or legal advice.

Due Diligence:

Definitive Agreement:

Close: Transaction completed and closed.

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