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We form strategic and tactical partnerships with existing management teams, leveraging their expertise and building relationships in order to strengthen and grow lasting value. We focus our efforts on the investment process and channel managerial expertise to operate a global and diversified portfolio of business enterprises. We maintain the goal of advising companies and executives in developing the skill sets required for implementing new strategic initiatives as part of a merger or acquisition strategy.

Private Equity Guidelines

  • We are paid by Private Equity firms that result in acquisitions of private companies with revenues between $35 million and $200 million and at least $5 million in EBITDA.
  • If a companies EBITA is less than $5 million, PE will consider it as an add-on acquisition.
  • An add-on acquisition should be no less than $1 million in EBITDA unless it is distressed.

Targets that fit the Requirements:

  • Companies located in The United States and Canada.
  • Private companies with sales between $35 Million and $200 million.
  • EBITDA greater than $5 million.
  • Companies whose owners are willing and ready to sell.
  • Distressed companies.
  • Companies that are not represented by investment banks or brokers.

Types of Transactions we are looking for:

  • Carve-outs or unnatural divisions: Divisions that do not fit the core strategy of an organization.
  • Consultant buy-outs: You consulted the company and are looking to buy-out the owner.
  • President / COO run companies: Current owners have left the operations of the company to the President / COO. The President / COO is looking to buy-out the company.
  • Estate Plan / Family Transition: Children of the retiring owner do not have the expertise or interest to run the company.
  • Failed Investment Bank Process: Investment bank unsuccessfully marketed the company.

Information needed to secure and be assigned EXCLUSIVITY on the account:

Please email to me the following:

  • Name of Contact person and contact information
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Website
  • 5 year historical financial statements
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